Autumn 2007 saw the introduction of the BCU’s new Coaching Awards, starting with the launch of the new Level 1 and Level 2 Coach Awards.

The Coaching Awards have been up-dated and developed to meet with the needs of today’s coaches and to provide them with better recognition within the UK sports industry. These developments have been based on findings from both the Paddlesport Review and Long Term Paddler Development Review and reflect current best practice within UK paddlesport and coaching.

The result is a dynamic coaching pathway which benefits both recreational and competition coaches and their students, providing them with structure and support as they progress. The new awards offer national accreditation by the BCU, the UKCC (UK Coaching Certificate), and the National Qualifications Framework.

Within the Chiltern Canoe Club there is an understanding and desire to continually improve the level of paddling and coaching by subscribing and endorsing the frameworks presented by the BCU and national bodies, while actively encouraging all members to develop as paddlers and coaches in a variety of recognised paddlesport disciplines.