Chiltern Canoe Club

The Commitee

The 2017 committee members

Mission Statement

To provide paddlesport opportunities for adults and youngsters in Tring and the surrounding towns and villages of the Chillterns.

Steve Rolfe

My aim for Chiltern Canoe Club is to provide an enjoyable, encouraging and safe environment for people who want to take up canoeing and benefit from the opportunity to learn and take part in paddlesport activities.


I started paddling in the mid eighties and with my wife, who is also a keen canoeist have encouraged our four children, aged between eight and nineteen, to take up canoeing. Paddling is a family activity for us as well as a sport to enjoy with friends.

I have paddled in many different environments including white water, canals, lakes and the sea. I have been fortunate to enjoy many canoeing trips both in the UK and Europe. I like helping others to benefit from my paddling experiences and passing on the skills in the pool. I am principally a kayak paddler but I also own an open canoe and feel there is a place for many disciplines within Chiltern Canoe Club.

I have been involved as a warranted leader with 1st Aston Clinton Scout Group for many years so I have lots of experience in working with young people undertaking challenging and fun activities.

Cathy Court

Kayaking is a great exercise and I would love to see more ladies taking it up as a way to get fitter and stronger. If there are anyone local ladies interested then do let me know.

Development Officer & Treasurer

I love the variety paddlesport offers: the thrill of kayaking white water, open canoeing along the canal, chatting to friends and spotting kingfishers or having a fast and furious game of canoe polo in the local pool – you can enjoy all of these disciplines without having to be hugely skilled at them.
I am one of the founding members of Chiltern Canoe Club. We formed the club in 2010 and were lucky enough to be awarded the Best Newcomer Club award by Herts Sports Partnership in 2011. This gave the club a nice boost and we have grown and thrived ever since, offering a way for adult and junior beginners to pick up the sport and progress. My main focus as a coach is to get more beginners enjoying the sport in it’s different forms and to use our local canal, the fantastic natural resource we have on our doorstep.

Ian Bailey

My aim is to help Chiltern Canoe Club become one of the best run and governed small clubs in the country and encourage others to get out on the water and on trips while developing our skills, as a paddler or coach, in a safe, transparent and inclusive atmosphere.

Junior Coaching Coordinator

I have been paddling since 2009 and over the last couple of years I have immersed myself in the sport and absolutely relish the enormous variety it offers from polo and touring to lifeguarding, rescue and white water pursuits. I am interested in skill development, safety and coaching.

I am also an active member of the Herts Canoe Lifeguards . In 2011, I will be assisting the unit in a number of events such as the Devizes-Westminster race, the Great Swim series and a number of Triathlons. This year, I am currently a Gamesmaker for the 2012 London Olympics at the Triathlon event.

I have been fortunate to paddle a good number of UK & European waterways and centres, the Wye and Usk being particular favourites. Last year, we participated in a 50 miles endurance event and raised several hundred pounds for charity. I particularly like these endurance events and hope to participate in more of these in the future, a trip across the Channel would be a particular highlight. Sea kayaking is the area I would eventually most like to specialise in.

Sarah Downing

Paddling is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. It is a great way of seeing the countryside and lots of wildlife from a completely different viewpoint.

Club & Membership Secretary

I have been a social paddler on and off for years and joined CCC as a means of being more involved in my community as well as being able to paddle more.
Being a member has enabled me to progress my paddling and meet lots of like-minded people, but also allowed me to try different aspects of the sport, such as Stand-Up-Paddle (SUP) boarding, which I now love.
The Club has been working hard to develop more varied activities for members and we now offer SUP pilates and Yoga, waterpolo and more river trips for all abilities. There is something for everyone!

Andy Walters

Let me know if anything needs repairing or replacing and also contact me if you want to borrow a club boat for a trip, so that I can make sure we have enough for training sessions and courses.


A relative newcomer, I have only been paddling for a couple of years, starting with the taster sessions on the Grand Union Canal. I am more of a recreational kayaker – always trying to get the right balance between the paddle and pint.
My wife and children have started too, and have delighted …. and annoyed …. me by making faster progress than me! It’s a great family activity – we have been on a few short trips and hope to go on some longer excursions, further afield.
I’m targeting learning to roll before I retire.
As the quartermaster, I’m responsible for looking after the club’s boats, paddles and other kit.

Adrian Titley

Club Coach

I have been paddling since 2001. Initially because I wanted to find a hobby. That hobby soon turned into a passion which has led on to me undertaking my coaching qualifications from 2009.

Since becoming a coach, I have been coaching kayaking and open canoe at Milton Keynes Canoe Club, Marlow Canoe Club, Tring Scouts & Herts Guides and a Tring Canoe club – all as part of the BCU UKCC introduction into Paddlesport for children and BCU star syllabus for 1 and 2 star proficiency awards.

Joanne Stevenson

Paddleability Advisor

Paddleability Advisor

Donna Ashcroft

Junior Canoe Sessions Coordinator

I’m pretty new to paddling. I went on some organised trips during a couple of holidays where I managed to get myself from A to B, but hadn’t learned much beyond how not to fall out.
I joined the CCC adult beginners session in the winter of 2015 and really enjoyed myself. Inspired I’ve now got the whole family involved – canoeing is a great sport whatever age you are (even teenagers love it). I’ve still got lots to learn but the club is incredibly friendly and supportive and there are lots of opportunities to learn and progress.


Paddling for all ages in the Chilterns.